At Oakwood Court College we believe that learning should be embedded throughout the whole day. Students are supported by trained and experienced staff to develop their daily living skills whilst also taking ownership of their new environment.

Regular house meetings are held across Oakwood to give each student an opportunity to have their say. Topics range from issues relating to the residence, improvements that could be made and suggestions for leisure activities.

Each student has a key worker who works to develop each learner’s interests and plan their social and leisure time. Key workers help students to stay in touch with their families and arrange family visits and any other support the young person requires.

Social and leisure activities play a very important role in college life and wider community with plenty on offer including various social and sports clubs, leisure activities and some of the most beautiful beaches and towns in the country!

Oakwood is also a place to relax and spend time making friends. There are shared areas as well as private areas for family visits or just to spend quiet time. All rooms have Wi-Fi and many students enjoy spending time skyping their family and friends.

Above all, Oakwood is about moving into an adult life, developing skills, being happy and having fun!