Veh Maintenance Clean windows

This is a popular subject with students at Oakwood Court in which a wide range of skills are practised and honed.

Students are taught how to use the correct equipment and techniques to clean the interior and exterior of a vehicle, using shampoo and other car finishing products such as wax and polish cleaners. During these activities they learn to name the inside and outside parts of a vehicle.

When they are familiar with the construction of the vehicle they move on to basic maintenance activities such as checking fluid levels and tyre pressures.

Through these activities students develop their understanding of basic working practices such as following instructions, working in a team, communicating with each other, asking questions for clarity and engaging in group discussions.

They learn to choose appropriate workwear for the task, select the correct tools and products to use, plan the work to be carried out and pay attention to the task in hand. Following set rules and respecting the work area to keep themselves and others safe are important aspects of health and safety procedure.

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Assessment Methods Used

Assessment is made by tutor observation, tutor evaluation of progress and peer evaluation. This enables the tutor to keep a record of progression and skills to date. Students’ progression is recognised through this system and contributes to externally recognised qualifications. Students work is submitted for moderation both internally and externally before award of the relevant qualification.

Functional Skills Embedding

Each student works on their individual core targets derived from a diagnostic assessment to calculate the appropriate level of learning required. In addition, students are given tasks within the session to encourage the embedding of Literacy and Numeracy to develop the following skills:


  • Speaking, listening and communication
  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Measuring and gauging fluid levels/product use
  • Sequencing

Individual Programmed Subjects Areas

  • Recognise exterior parts of a motor car or van.
  • Recognise interior parts of a motor car or van
  • Clean the inside of a motor vehicle
  • Wax and polish a motor vehicle
  • Check and maintain levels of fluids in a motor vehicle
  • Check and maintain lights on a motor vehicle