Sport and games play an important part in the life of Oakwood Court College. Students are supported to take part in appropriate activities from swimming to badminton and of course, football.

To support their independence students are given responsibility to ensure they are wearing the appropriate kit and clothing for the activity.

Whatever sport they are taking part in students are supported to go through warm up exercises and stretches. Once they have learnt some of these they are encouraged to coach each other how to do these exercises. This enhances their peer learning, communication, problem solving and team work skills.

In football, students are encouraged to play a warm-up game giving demonstrations and explanations of the activity. This helps them to understand and practise a range of skills, including leadership, communication, problem solving, supporting others, peer learning and working independently.

In football practice students learn skills such as shooting at goal, passing and dribbling. They are encouraged to come up with their own ideas of what skills they would like to practice, which encourages new learning in a team-working context.

In the live activity the group plays a match with each student incorporating the skill they have just learned. They assemble in their teams and are prompted to talk about tactics and organise amongst themselves who is playing in what position. This helps them to understand the value of working as a team and practise their communication and social skills.

At the end of a session students sit together and review their individual and team performance, evaluating/reflecting and learning through experience.

Students work towards individual core targets and a Short Course Football coaching qualification. This will give them the potential to help coach or assist football teams and other clubs in the future.

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