This course is all about preparing students for the digital world. In this subject we use technology to present ourselves, enhance communication and explore technology used in everyday life.

Learning how to use technology in the home, college and community safely is an essential skill in today’s world. Students undertaking this course learn how to enhance their communication through the use of ICT, how to record and retrieve information using technology and how to develop the purposeful use of ICT.


Assessment Methods

Each session is planned, observed and evaluated with the student needs and interests at the centre of all that we do.

This ICT course can lead to ASDAN accreditation in Towards Independence Using ICT. There is also an option to progress to an ASDAN award or certificate in Personal and Social Development ( PSD).

Functional Skills Embedding

Every student’s individual core targets are generated from a detailed diagnostic assessment which calculates the appropriate level of learning needed. The promotion of functional skills underpins every curriculum area at Oakwood Court College, which include:

  • The Purposeful use of ICT
  • Using ICT systems
  • Developing and presenting information
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Listening to and answering simple questions about yourself.
  • Communicating ideas, choices, events and experiences


  • Listen effectively


  • Extract simple information
  • Sort and classify

In addition to this all learners are given tasks within the session to encourage the embedding of Literacy, Numeracy and Communication to develop the following skills:

  • self-esteem and confidence
  • problem solving
  • use of technology
  • independence
  • speaking and listening
  • reading and writing
  • develop, present and communicate information
  • find and select information
  • get information from an ICT based source
  • interact with ICT for a purpose
  • follow recommended safe practice