The College offers students the opportunity to develop general vocational and specific employability skills in the catering sector. Students work in the college kitchen doing a variety of practical tasks to contribute to the running of a working operation. These include:

  • preparation of basic food
  • unloading deliveries from suppliers
  • organising the storeroom
  • washing kitchen appliances, work surfaces, floors and walls.

They also assist in getting food ready to serve to customers. This could involve washing, peeling and trimming food items to make them ready for cooking when customers order them. Learners learn to use a variety of kitchen equipment safely.

Students are taught to follow strict hygiene, health and safety rules and regularly reminded of appropriate safe actions throughout the course.

All first-year students spend one session a week for half a term in the kitchen. This allows the student to experience catering and form a realistic opinion of whether they would like to pursue the full course during their time at Oakwood Court College. It also offers learners the opportunity to practise and develop their employability skills.

Students who choose the full vocational course as an employment option return for a kitchen placement in sessions that allow them to practise, develop and maintain their vocational skills.

The type of activities and frequency of the sessions are arranged according to specific needs and abilities. Students return to the classroom at the end of each term to discuss their performance and how this could be improved.