Every young person supported at Oakwood Court College has a unique set of individual needs. We meet these through specific individualised person centred educational programmes, aimed at increasing each learner’s independence skills for life and living.

Oakwood’s focus is to develop each student’s skills so as to prepare them for independent life, living and where appropriate work. Literacy, numeracy, Integrated Computer Technology and communication skills are embedded throughout the whole curriculum to maximise learning.

The College is an approved exam centre for entry to level 2 externally accredited qualifications that along with bespoke in-house recognised certificates help measure each learner’s progress. The range of examination boards include:

  • OCR
  • City & Guilds (including NPTC)
  • EDCC

Oakwood students learn in a unique environment with total communication running throughout all learning with the express purpose of improving independence. Learning takes place

in specifically sized groups according to the assessed needs of each individual student. This ensures that the knowledge and skills gained are optimised across the range of subjects within each learner’s individual timetable. Where necessary, additional learning support is available to meet each individual’s identified needs and learning style.

Oakwood students have access to additional therapies to meet their individual needs. These can include:

  • Speech and Language
  • Individual Counselling
  • Physiotherapy

Review meetings attended by the student, their personal tutor and their family ensure that positive progress is maintained towards agreed educational outcomes. These meetings are also an important opportunity to listen to feedback from the student and their family.