“Learners make significant progress in increasing their self-confidence and their ability to communicate more effectively which they use particularly well in both social and work settings.” -Ofsted

“Oakwood provides a real commitment to supporting students develop their career potential, and there’s a fantastic holistic approach to working together to achieve- all at whatever level the students direct! Deserved winners of Investors in Careers.” -Janet Disney Member of the Careers South West Board of Directors

“Learners are achieving and progressing educationally and work experience is embedded into the curriculum.” -Senior Co-ordination Officer QA Devon County Council

“Going to Oakwood College has allowed me to live life to the extreme and actually make something of my life.” -Rhys, Student

“An Inspiring College Providing heaps of Care and Support.” -Mrs T Harper Parent

“Wow, how quickly my son feels secure and at home. The staff recognised his fears and realised what made him tick. I cannot praise the College enough.”

“Oakwood offers the best opportunity for our daughter to gain the skills necessary to prepare her for her future” -Mrs B Bennett Parent

“The three years my son spent at Oakwood Court helped him achieve a level of independence he would not have reached if he had not had a residential course.”

“Thank you to all the staff for persevering and being innovative in finding ways to support and help my daughter.” -Mrs M Heather Parent

“Everything my daughter has achieved at Oakwood is down to the dedication, hard work and kindness that the staff have shown both her and myself.” -Ms T Wareham Parent

“I personally never expected college to be such a success for my daughter but you have made it a positive experience for all of us.”

“Our son left college as a confident young man with a work placement, recognised qualifications and the ability to live away from home.”