Student Successes


Jenny, a third year student, chose to work at her work placement all through the summer

“I wanted to work over the summer in the Spar. I thought it would be good so when I came back in September I’d be brilliant at it all. I have been working at the Spar on a Tuesday 1.15-2.30 as part of my Work Prep. I serve customers, check their ID to see if they are allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes and I do the till. I like the till best ‘cos it does it all for me.

I asked if I could work over the summer and they said ok and so I did. I loved the till. I would like to get a job at the Spar when I leave college.”


success Stories 2

Nikki, 3rd year, is our sports star!

“I started doing Special Olympics and I had to go to badminton training every Wednesday. They said I am very good at badminton and they chose me and some others to go to Cardiff in Wales for a tournament. Me and dad and the others went up Friday when the team were stuck in Plymouth because of an accident. Me and dad were in Gower Services waiting for everybody. Dad phoned and agreed to meet them at our room. We all stayed in a hotel in Cardiff. Friday night we had a match to do and another one Saturday and Sunday. I won gold in singles and silver in doubles. Next I will go to Bournemouth and if I win there to Scotland”.


Alex’s, a third year, has become a really independent woman on public transport

“I went on the bus on my own over the summer to Sue’s at Polperro. Sue is my support worker. I used my bus pass. I learned to use the bus on my own with Julia, my tutor from college. I went into Plymouth over the summer with mum and my sister. I went home on the bus on my own. I’m learning to use the train now. I can buy tickets in the train from the train guard and from the train station. At the station you can press the information button to find out about your train time. Its good being independent on transport”.