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Your college assessment

After you have decided you may like to study at Oakwood Court we will arrange for you to have an initial assessment with us.

  • If you are applying for a residential placement the assessment can be for three days
  • If you are applying for a day placement you can attend Oakwood for one or two full days
  • At Oakwood court College we understand how difficult visiting and staying in a strange place can be, and we will always listen to your worries and if you want or need to have a more flexible assessment that does not involve staying for three days or attending for a full day we can work together to find the best way for you.

Before you arrive for your assessment we will ask for some information about your needs and how we can make sure you are happy and safe during your stay. We will also send you a letter asking you to choose what sessions you would like to join.

  • When you are staying will us you will have a member of staff to help you at all times
  • Oakwood Court will provide all your meals
  • You can bring anything that you need that is important to you
  • If you need any medication Oakwood staff are trained to help you and the college has a MDS Monitored Dosage system in place
  • You will need to bring your own toiletries and towel
  • You will have your own bedroom in a house with other young people
  • You will be able to have choices about what activities you would like to do in the evenings
  • You will be able to contact your family when you need to
  • You will have a timetable of your own to show you what you are doing

Oakwood Court staff are here to help you and if you have any questions about joining us for an assessment please contact us