When our Students complete there learning at Oakwood (normally after 3 years) many of them move into supported living and they remain within the Phoenix learning and care group. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer our service users continual care within the area they are familiar with, either Dawlish or Teignmouth.

The service users from the various Teignmouth supported living have just enjoyed a five day break at Butlins Minehead, they do this holiday annually and always have a great time. One of our employees who works with supported living sent the following email to Phoenix about the trip and the fun they had.  I thought it would be great to share with our website visitors.

Hello all, 

I just wanted to write this email as I have had a fantastic 5 days with the service users and staff at Butlins, I feel it was an amazing holiday for all who partook. The main point I wanted to make was how all the service users really did us proud, members of staff had people from the community come up to us and tell us what an asset to ourselves the service users were. Being my 1st holiday away with all the guys it was a really pleasant experience to see them all out of there normal routines, all of the guys were smiling, laughing and joking all week which was great to see, I lost count the amount of times the guys made all the members of staff laugh and smile. I saw really positive traits within all the service user, very empathetic, warm and inviting towards one another, e.g. Lolly messing about and swimming with Graham around the Lazy river in the pool, you could see he didn’t like the powerful shoots of water on some of the parts so she directed him away from them, or more able members of the group aiding less able members when getting dinner and drinks of evening times, these are just very small examples of many nice things they all did for each other. It was fantastic for staff to work with service users they don’t normally get to, I enjoyed getting to know and further develop relationships with service users from Teignmouth, I know Grant can’t wait to bust some more wrestling moves on Joe! It was a real success in so many ways, the weather was on our side, the service users and staff all got a long and had a real laugh, the food and activities were great!

I’ll stop yabbering on now, Until next year!


Well done everyone its really great to see everyone having a great time and even better to hear this sort of thing been said about our service users. you are all doing Phoenix learning and care group proud. keep up the good work!!! 13533307_977824765664264_4891256376465623328_n group shot 13529152_977824838997590_6634390269682258006_n 13509136_977824758997598_8874311495083895219_n 13501954_977824802330927_966373589750354266_n 13438874_977824808997593_656782872304394090_n 13450129_977824852330922_5202969947701386835_n

Alison Fenton


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