On Sunday the 26th June 2016, We were invited to attend the celebration of creativity held at Bitton house in Teignmouth. we were invited along by the previous Mayor of Teignmouth.

We set up a stall and took along many items our past and present students had made, which allowed us to showcase perfectly the creativity of our students here at Oakwood court. Some of the items on display were sold, which was great to see the items were appreciated and liked by the public. the stall was also manned by one of our 3rd year students, alone until one of our tutors could attend and join him at lunch time. well done Rhys you did a great job.

the Event was attended by many of the local residents of Teignmouth and both of our attendees seemed to enjoy themselves, they said they enjoyed been given the opportunity to speak and communicate with a great range of people and it gave them a great opportunity to tell people about the college and the work we do here. Thank you to Jacqui Orme for inviting us, we had fun and its a great event to be part of.

Oakwood Court College hope to be invited to many more events in the local area. It is great that we can involve our learners and they can use the experience in there learning.

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26th June 2016

26th June 2016


Alison Fenton


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