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Safeguarding at Oakwood Court College

Oakwood Court College is committed to providing an environment where health, well being and safety of all students is central to all that we do. The Safeguarding of all students from any form of abuse in all areas of their lives is the of primary importance.

Our clear and concise policies and procedures ensure that all students and staff are fully informed regarding safeguarding processes and how to report any incident of abuse. This includes the contact number for both the adult and child safeguarding offices.


Our work to install a clear safeguarding environment and dissemination of policy and procedure throughout the college includes:

Safeguarding Lead

The college has a lead senior staff member in Care and Safeguarding, reporting directly to the Principal, who ensures that all safeguarding disclosures are handled in a timely, appropriate and sensitive manner. This lead, working closely with the College Safeguarding and Senior Management Team works with external agencies such as social services and the police. They also have regular meetings with the local safeguarding lead to share good practice.

Safeguarding team

The safeguarding team, whose photos and contact details are displayed across college, are available for both student and staff alike to talk to if they have a concern. The team meets twice in a half term period to discuss any potential concerns, share good practice and learn from previous safeguarding cases and look at further initiatives to keep the whole College community informed.

Safeguarding information

We regularly send cross-college communication to staff to update and inform on safeguarding news.

Safeguarding Training

All staff receive training in safeguarding of young adults at their induction and update sessions are held annually.


We are keen that all students and staff are supported to keep safe when using Internet Technology. Our approach to eSafety has its own policy and procedure. This policy is embedded throughout the curriculum to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be safe when accessing the many social media/ internet sites we all like to use.

For further information on Safeguarding please contact:

Jared Kenny – Operations Manager for Learning Disability Services