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Oakwood Court College prides itself in the delivery of a quality curriculum.

We use a variety of high quality and innovative teaching and learning methods in line with national priorities and the needs of the students.

Our broad curriculum enables person-centred delivery of work related and independence development skills in line with the national priorities for LDD (Learning Disability and Difficulties) students.

We have an appointed member of the Senior Management Team with the role of Nominee overseeing quality assurance and effective management of continuous improvement. In addition, the Nominee has responsibility for leading curriculum innovation.

Working collaboratively with all staff, this member of the Senior Management Team ensures that all national requirements are met whilst at the same time developing a person-centred plan for each student. These plans are continually quality assured to ensure that each student’s journey to independence and their chosen destination is actively progressed.

The Nominee’s primary task is to coordinate the development and implementation strategies, policies and procedures relating to the curriculum and quality and workforce development with a particular emphasis on monitoring quality compliance across the provision.

Oakwood has set targets which provide a clear framework of accountability and ensure robust and timely monitoring and reporting of outcomes. A highly responsive and innovative curriculum is developed which anticipates, stimulates and meets the changing demands from students, the community, business and government.

The college has a rigorous quality improvement process to assure standards of the college’s provision are met and in turn, feed into the self-assessment and quality improvement processes. Observations of teaching and learning take place on a termly basis where findings, in terms of best practice and areas for improvement, are monitored, action planned and addressed through staff’s Continuous Professional Development programmes. At Oakwood we strive to be an excellent college with outstanding quality that meets the needs of all.