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Equality Statement

Oakwood Court College affirms that everyone has the right to fair treatment, respect and understanding. It actively promotes that an individual’s ability to achieve should not be hampered by prejudice or discrimination and that equal participation within society must be open to all. It values the benefits that diversity and difference brings to society and works in overcoming barriers that society impacts upon individuals. It prioritizes equality and human rights as a primary driver in its work and works to overcome all forms of inequality, disadvantage, prejudice, discrimination and mistreatment within society. The College is fully committed in assuring that it meets its responsibility of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students and this duty underpins this policy.



Key Points

Oakwood Court College and the people who make up its communities (students, staff, directors, partners and visitors) will:

  • Treat all fairly, with respect and understanding
  • Seek out and welcome people and groups from all parts of the local and wider communities into a safe environment
  • Educate students, staff, partners and visitors together with the wider community in equality, fair treatment, cultural and social diversity and the benefits they bring
  • Encourage and promote diversity and difference
  • Challenge mistreatment and unfairness
  • Continually improve its equality and diversity approach through a continuous scheme of developing improvement
  • Seek advice and guidance from external agencies and consult cross-sections of its community
  • Recognize and address its corporate liability and ensure its members are aware of their individual responsibilities
  • Have robust system of monitoring and action
  • Continue to set an example of best practice in the sector.